Family Photo Albums:

The family has a number of photo albums that belonged to our ancestors. So far there are 4 albums which have been scanned.  It is not unexpected that very few of the photos are labeled.   While I have no misgivings about making these photos available for others to view, they are somehow personal to me and I would like to know who is viewing them and for what purpose.  Please contact me at my email address below and I will assign you a user name and password so that you are able to view the albums.

Albums included so far:

ALLEN (1), ALLEN (2). These photo albums were kept by William George ALLEN and his wife Annie ROBERTS.  Photos are from England (mid-1800's) and New Zealand (late 1800's) primarily.

JACQUAT (1), JACQUAT (2), JACQUAT (3), JACQUAT (4), JACQUAT (5).  These photo albums were kept by Hippolye JACQUAT and his wife Eliza SPRINGER.  Photos are primarily from France (mid- to late- 1800's) and several locations in Illinois (late 1800's to early 1900's).  Locations in Illinois include Metamora and Peoria.

If you are only interested in the photographer information, here are the same pages without the links to the images.  No password is required.

ALLEN (1), ALLEN (2).


These are 'albums' from negatives taken by many in the family. Mostly taken in Montana between 1900 and 1960 but some are from trips to visit family or college. More will be added as time allows.

ROBOCKER (bef 1920)
ROBOCKER (bef 1920).
ROBOCKER (bef 1925).
ROBOCKER (bef 1925).
ROBOCKER (bef 1930).
ROBOCKER (bef 1930).
ROBOCKER (bef 1935).
ROBOCKER (misc 3x2 negs).
ROBOCKER (misc 3x2 negs).
ROBOCKER (abt 1950's).
ROBOCKER (abt 1941).
ROBOCKER (abt 1964).
ROBOCKER (Oregon Trip).
ROBOCKER (Seattle 1937).

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